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Student Leadership Opportunities

At KSPS there are a variety of leadership opportunities for students from Transition to Year 6. Our aim is to provide high levels of student voice and student agency across the school to develop confidence and potential in all. Students are inducted into their positions at a special Leadership Ceremony at the beginning of each year.


School Captains

Each year students and staff elect two School Captains and Vice Captains. This is a rigorous process and the elected captains take their leadership role and responsibilities seriously. Our Captains promote the school through positive and encouraging interactions within the wider community and organise whole school events and programs. Our captains epitomize respect, pride and commitment.  The Captains and Vice Captains are also a vital part of our Student Representative Council.

Student Representative Council

Our active Student Representative Council (SRC) is made up of two students from each class from Years 3-6, elected by their peers.  The SRC meets weekly to discuss student ideas to improve and build the positive culture of KSPS.  Students have input into school improvement with regular opportunities to meet with our Principal and leadership team to give feedback and share ideas about positive changes that might be made. The SRC also raises funds for a variety of student-selected charities and student led initiatives.  SRC members hold regular class meetings to provide a voice for all students in Yrs. 3-6.

House Captains

Each year our three house teams, Buchanan, Stuart and Victoria elect a boy and girl House Captain and Vice Captain, from students in Years 5 & 6. These are very sought after positions and students show their leadership qualities at whole school events like Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, leading their house teams in spirit points, assisting in the CARE Shop and organizing lunchtime activities for younger students promoting skill development and fair play.

T-2 CARE Leaders

Each class from Years T-2 elect class CARE Leaders throughout the year. This group of students are role models in our early years playground and take responsibility for classes at musters.  The team meet regularly with their classes and have other opportunities to develop their leadership potential in our school community.

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