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Here at Katherine South Primary School we offer Netball to all students from years 3 through to year 6. We can have anywhere from 30-50 students each year participate in Netball. The foundation of our netball here at Katherine South Primary School is to have fun and to get the children enjoy playing a team sport with other students within the school.


Netball is so much more than just a sport, the children gain a sense of the importance of physical education, they build resilience, empathy, social skills and the most important thing of all is to have fun and just give it a go! 

During training, the first half hour is always focused on the basic rules of netball and skills/drills used in a Netball game, the second half hour is used to play the other Katherine South Netball team and incorporate the new skills learnt into the game. We do not focus as such on winning, it is always to have fun, support others and play as a team.  

The children practice with their netball coach once a week for an hour, this is usually after school. Then the children get to compete in a Netball Competiton throughout the year with other schools around Katherine. These games are played every Thursday afternoon at the Katherine Netball courts.  

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