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The KSPS Dance Academy was founded in 2018 by Mrs Righton, Miss Shipway and Mrs Munroe. The Academy promotes the development of body awareness with technical and expressive skills to communicate confidently and creatively through movement. It provides another opportunity for our talented students to showcase their skills in performance and learn from experienced staff whilst increasing their confidence and exposure to public performance as learning through dance involves students exploring elements, skills and processes through the practices of choreography, and performance appreciation. 


As a part of KSPS Dance Academy students are exposed to different styles of dance, from lyrical to hip-hop, contemporary and jazz within the strengths and skills of Academy staff.   


Our Dance Academy is open to all students in years 3-6 who have a passion and interest in dance, and they are taught by school staff members who have talent and experience in this area. 

Over the year students have the opportunity to perform in a variety of school and community events: Harmony Day, Katherine BEAT, KSPS Showcase, KSPS School Musical, End of Year Awards Night and Katherine Town Carols as well as engaging with professionals such as The Australian Ballet Company and SLIDE Youth Dance. 

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