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At Preschool we believe that each child has the right to be their own person, by exploring their imagination, expressing themselves and being heard, because their thoughts and opinions are important to them.


We provide a safe and fun learning environment where children are able to play with toys, get muddy and jump in puddles and have the chance to be a superhero if they desire. Our learning environment provides challenging, flexible, inclusive and stimulating opportunities to allow children to learn and develop through purposeful play.

Our Preschool program aims to represent quality care as set by the National Quality Standards and reflects the principles, practices and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework, which provides a guide for us to promote children’s learning using researched best practice strategies. Our Preschool has been assessed as meeting or exceeding all National Quality Standards.

The Early Years Learning Framework is made up of five learning outcomes:

Children have a strong sense of identity

What is Play Based Learning?

For young children play is their work and children always want to play. In play, children develop problem-solving skills by trying different ways of doing things and determining the best approach. In play, children use language while talking with and listening to other children. When playing, they learn about other people as they try out different roles and adjust to working together. Play nurtures children’s intellectual, social/emotional, and physical development.

In a play based classroom it is set up with learning centres such as writing area, measuring area, grocery shop, medical centre, childcare, travel agency, etc. when playing in these centres children:

 “Develop social skills as they work with others.”


 “Develop longer attention spans as they increase the length of time they work in the centres and participate in activities that interest them.”


 “Enhance their creative abilities, determining the direction of their play and selecting materials. Which help children develop new ideas.”

Hours & Info

KSPS Preschool: Group 1: Monday to Friday 8.15 am – 11.15 am

Group 2: Monday, Tuesday & every second Wednesday 8.15 am – 2.30 pm

Early Entry:


We accept children at the beginning of Term 1 as long as they are four by 30th June that year. We also accept children in Term 3 as long as they are four by 30th September that year and there are available positions. Any child starting after the 30th June will be required to complete 18 months of Preschool.

Healthy Eating:  


Children are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit and one healthy eating snack for their morning tea and lunch each day. We also regularly make healthy food during cooking lessons.

Parent committee:


Our Preschool is governed by a parent committee that meets twice a term.

Animal Fun:  


Is the name of a program which is a fun way for children to practice and improve gross motor and fine motor skills.  It helps children develop basic building blocks for balance, muscle strength, hand and eye coordination and control.  Animal Fun encourages children to practice in a fun and social way with friends.



Is conducted in Term 4 each year, with a Royal Life instructor running an 8 lesson program. This program focuses on developing water awareness and an understanding of being safe both in and around waterways.


Parent Contribution $50.00 per term (4 terms/year)

There is an additional cost for qualified instructors and pool entry for swimming lessons in Term 4, this is communicated to families at the time.

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