School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Essential to effective learning is a safe, supportive and disciplined environment where people respect:

The rights of all people to be treated with respect and dignity
The rights of all students to learn
The rights of teachers to teach
The rights of all to be safe

We are a Learning Community

We learn with and from each other, build partnerships between students, parents, staff and the wider community.


We all belong together and are important to each other.

We meet the highest expectations and standards for self.

We treat ourselves, each other and school property with consideration and regard.

Almembers of our community actively participate in all areas of school life.

Katherine South Primary School expects a high standard of behaviour at all times.  The CARE Agreements define what we want students TO DO and provide a consistent framework for how to meet the standards and expectations.  We explicitly teach our expectations to students and frequently encourage and acknowledge their efforts when displaying the expected behaviour.

The behavior matrix outlines the expectations and specific behaviours that will be the basis of the KSPS Behaviour curriculum.

The matrix reflects the language and culture of our school.  It is the language all staff use when they teacher students the expectations.  Additionally it is the language used when they remind students, when they recognise students and when they correct students.

 “Simply put, if the staff expect students to achieve and behave appropriately, they will. Conversely, if the staff expect the students to under-achieve and behave inappropriately, they will” – Geoff Colvin

 “Expected behavior is fostered through positive peer and teacher feedback and acknowledgement through verbal praise, stickers, CARE tokens, Green Cards, Certificate of Merit, house spirit points and Attendance Awards.”