Extension Program

The KSPS Extension Program is offered to selected students identified by achievement data as performing well above the expected level across all curriculum areas. The program promotes the development of a range of higher order thinking skills and processes in the context of both collaborative and independent learning.

Northern Territory Learning Commission

The Northern Territory Learning Commission (NTLC) is a collaborative initiative providing an opportunity for students to grow their agency through analysing their school’s data, co-planning and co-implementing a project with the goal of improving learning at their school.

Students are partners in their learning through co-leading change in their school with other student leaders and teachers.

KSPS students have been members of the NTLC since its inception in Katherine in 2016 and have addressed ideas like providing more options for students to present their learning across different curriculum areas, including more variety and choice of activities, exploring why our students perform better in math than English.

Eco Warriors

Eco-Warriors is a lunchtime program for students who are interested in sustainability and caring for the school environment. This group of students hold monthly meetings to identify areas of concern within the school and make action plans to assist in caring for the school. In addition to the monthly meetings, students work to collect, catorgoise and weigh rubbish from around the school and work in the gardens – including the herb and vegetable gardens just to name a few. The eco-warriors are currently engaged in a project to plan and grow a bush tucker garden within our school to support our cultural program and are in the process of putting a proposal together regarding this.

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Students in years 4-6 are invited to join the school choir. Our choir performs at various whole school and community events throughout the year including the Katherine BEAT Festival and Carols by Candlelight.