Start Time : 8:15am
Supervised Eating Time: 10:00 – 10:15am
Recess Play Time: 10:15 – 10:45am
Supervised Eating Time: 12:45 – 1:00pm
Lunch Play Time: 1:00 – 1:30pm
Finish Time: 2:45pm

Semester Dates

School resumes for students on Wednesday 29th January.

Term 1 – Wednesday 29th January – Thursday 9th April

Term 2 – Monday 20th April – Friday26th June

Term 3 – Tuesday 21st July – Friday 25th Sept.

Term 4 – Monday 12th October – Friday 18th Dec

At KSPS we wear our uniform to develop a sense of pride in our school and to maintain our positive image of the school within the wider community.

The NT Government’s Compulsory School Uniform Policy requires that all students in Northern Territory Government schools from Transition to Year 9 wear an authorised school uniform whilst on school premises and when attending official school activities during and after school hours.

The compulsory requirement for students to wear a school uniform is intended to address health and safely considerations, minimise clothing cost burdens for parents, promote a positive school image and eliminate social pressures on students to keep up with fashion and brand names.


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Our canteen is managed by the Katherine South Primary School Council and is open daily to provide the option of a nutritional breakfast, morning tea and/or lunch for our students, staff and families.

The Department of Education (DoE) and KSPS are committed to ensuring that students in our school setting have access to healthy foods and drinks and nutrition education, which will help inform students’ decision making in the future. To ensure this occurs, our school follows the NT DoE Canteen, Health and Nutrition Policy.


Healthy Eating

Our service aims to provide a safe fun environment for all children. We aim to make an environment which actively promotes the positive aspects of diversity and encourage acceptance and appreciation of individual differences.

Our goal is to create a fun educational place for children to enjoy, and parents / carers to be confident that their children are happy and well catered for in their absence.


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Fee Schedule

Outside School Hours Care fees are as follows:

Full Time Care (2.30pm to 5.45pm 5 days per week) $70 per week
Part Time Care (Set hours per week) $7 per hour
Casual Care (24 hours’ notice required) $10.00 per hour or part thereof

Vacation Care fees are as follows:

Full Time Care (7.30am to 5.30pm 5 days per week) $250.00
Part Time Care $7.00 per hour
Casual Care (24hrs notice required) $10.00 per hour.
OSHC Information Booklet & Enrolment Request

Territory Transit provide a school bus service for Katherine and surrounding areas from January 2021.

The following link provides you with a map of the routes relevant to KSPS.

Click Here

We supervise our students each afternoon as they board the buses and ensure they get on the appropriate bus, as per your instructions. Should your child need to catch a different bus or travel by means other than the bus, please let us know well in advance so that we can ensure your child receives the message and is in the correct area.

Please note that as the buses are run by a commercial operator, the school has no control over any operational matters pertaining to the buses, staff, bus routes or timetables.

We do take misbehaviour and bullying on the buses very seriously but your first point of contact with any bus issues should be the bus company. We will do what we can at a school level to deal with any inappropriate behaviour from our students.

Please Note that the School Bus Interchange on Chambers Drive is a restricted zone. No one is to access this area whilst buses are present.

Please contact Geremy, Operations Supervisor in Katherine, on 0490 940 556 for further information or email

Click below to download the “Code Of Conduct For School Bus Travel”  and “Student Travel Planner” which might assist you in making arrangements for your family

Code Of Conduct For School Bus Travel
Student Travel Planner

Medication & First Aid

Where possible student medication should be administered by parents, at home, at times other than during school hours. If medication is required to be administered during school hours, the forms below need to be filled in and returned to the front office. The medication must be supplied in the original package with the pharmacy label on it and administration instructions clearly marked. Any medication that is brought into school cannot be administered to a child without completed paperwork.

This includes asthma and anaphylaxis plans, pain relief and prescribed medication/antibiotics from a doctor.

Health Care Plans

If a child has a medical condition which requires on-going monitoring at school a health care plan needs to be provided to the school.
Conditions may include:

 Asthma” “Epilepsy” “Diabetes” “Anaphylactic Reactions to nuts or other foods

Medication Request By Parent
Medication Administration Record


Term-4, Week-7
Term-4, Week-5
Term-4, Week-4

The Katherine South Primary School Council is committed to school improvement with active participation in developing and implementing the School Strategic Plan. It involves itself in a range of key areas including:

“School financial management”


 “Infrastructure  / building”

 “Fundraising activities”


 “Out of Hours School Care”

The School Council is made up of an elected body of xxx parents, a Pre-School representative, four teachers plus the Principal and School Business Manager. The Annual General Meeting is held before 15th March each year. Council meetings are held on Monday evenings in weeks 3 and 8 of each school term and are open to all interested persons.  Meetings begin at 6.00pm and are held in our staffroom.

The wider school community is welcome to have input in the school’s direction through the Council and its sub-committees. Parents do not need to be a council member to be involved in various activities. For further information on Council activities, contact the Chairperson or the Principal through the school office. The School Council constitution is available from the school office for any interested parents.

Check the Newsletter or school website for details of meetings and activities.

Please come along to School Council meetings – make new friends and be actively involved in the direction of your child’s school.

Bus Policy 2020
Parents Handbook
Canteen Policies
Compulsory School Uniform
Homework Policy
Wellbeing and Behaviour
Annual School Improvement Plan
Strategic Plan

Annual School Report