Term 3 week 3

Hello KSPS families,

Welcome back to Semester 2, I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and were able to spend some quality time with family and friends. There were many stories from both staff and students about their time away, Kakadu and Uluru were popular
destinations and as always lots of fishing and camping much closer to home. I know I enjoyed having the privilege of visiting some of these iconic sites without the crowds, a once in a lifetime opportunity and the upside of living through a
pandemic .

The term has off positively with students returning yesterday full of smiles ahead of catching up with their friends.


There were also a number of new students and families join our school community this term, we welcome you all and hope that you settle in quickly to your new homes and
classes. We realise this can be an anxious time for people, and our
students are doing a fantastic job at making the first few days at a new school as friendly and positive as they can. Congratulations to all our students and classes.
As hinted at the end of last term, we welcome a new teacher to our KSPS team, Miss Jenna Wallace. Miss Jenna is not a new face in our school however, she has now graduated and is excited to have her very first class. Congratulations Miss Jenna, we know we are very lucky to have you.


I would like to acknowledge the trust and support our families have shown over the last few weeks throughout the restructure; we really value and appreciate your support. The winners of course are our kids, smaller classes across the T-2 area will allow for more focused instruction. Having only been together for a full day hasn’t deterred Year 1/2 Wallace from claiming that they are the best class in the school…
We are the best class in the school because…
“we haven’t been naughty yet and we are doing lots of learning about adjectives, adverbs and nouns.” (Asana)
“we always follow the CARE
Agreements inside and in the
playground” (Mason)
“Jasmine and Ava have been good friends at helping me get used to the school” (Zephyr)
“We listen to what Miss Jenna is teaching us” (Logan)