Performing Arts

At KSPS we believe in fostering confidence, communication, discipline and creativity through the performing arts.

We hold a whole school production every two years.  This is usually a musical with our upper primary students playing the main roles and all students from Preschool to Year 6 participating in dance items. This is certainly a highlight of our biannual calendar and well supported by the wider community.

On alternate years to our musical students from Years 3-6 have the option to take part in the KSPS Dance Academy Showcase.

Our school choir and Dance Academy also participate in wider community events each year. The BEAT Festival is a combined schools event, which highlights singing, dancing and other performing arts in the Katherine region.


Valuing and respecting our environment is an integral part of life at KSPS.  Students run our recycling and composting programs, collecting compostable food waste to be used as compost on our school vegetable garden, collecting cans for cash and supplying cutlery in classrooms to reduce the amount of plastic used across the school.

Our school garden is a valued area of our school grounds, it provides a wonderful outdoor learning environment/experience for our students.

Instrumental Music Program

Parents of students in Years 5 & 6 have the option of enrolling their child in the NT School of Music Instrumental Music Program.  Students may select from a variety of instruments, including guitar, drums and flute.  Students in the instrumental music program may have the opportunity to join a combined school band and/or perform at assembly, school and local community events.  Instrumental Music Lessons are optional and are provided at an additional cost to parents.


We have an excellent Library at KSPS.  Our school library is a bright, colourful and inviting space where each grade spends at least one hour each week reading and borrowing books.  Each teaching team has its own library of age appropriate books for students to readily and easily access for research and reading during class time.

The library is open at recess and lunchtime each day to provide all students with a quiet space to come and read, draw or play board games. This is very popular during the build-up and wet season when an inside option is an escape from the heat.